Comprehensive Safety Assessments

Virtually every sport played on an athletic field exposes participants to some risk of injury – but the level of risk is manageable. Fields that are improperly built or poorly maintained expose their users to unnecessary risk. They also expose their owners to unnecessary liability.

In conjunction with our Impact Testing program, or as a separate service, we offer athletic field safety assessments to evaluate a wide range of potential risk factors. Our assessments involve systematic, scripted inspections, geared to the type of field (artificial or natural) and its intended use(s). Our goal is to alert you to potential safety hazards so that corrective action can be taken before someone is hurt.

Our comprehensive safety assessments:
  • Can be combined with safety testing, or done separately
  • Identify and document hazards and risk factors:
    • Surface uniformity
    • Seam failures on artificial surface
    • Raised sprinkler heads
    • Bare dirt / Exposed rocks
    • Poor drainage
    • Excessive compaction
    • Exposed grates
  • Classify the risk: (to help you prioritize your efforts)
    • High – significant probability of serious injury
    • Medium – significant probability of moderate injury
    • Low – low probability of significant or moderate injury
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