Athletic Field Planning Studies

Sports Turf Solutions, in cooperation with PRZ International Sports Turf Consulting, offers Planning Studies to help you assess your options for building or renovating an athletic field. Each Planning Study is site-specific, and considers a full range of options - everything from planting grass on existing soil, up to and including an artificial field.

For each option, we develop budget estimates for both construction and ongoing maintenance. We also identify and discuss the pros and cons of building and using each type of field.

Basic Design Options
Native Soil Blended Soil Native or Blended w/ Drainage Sand Based Synthetic
Construction and Renovation Options

What makes our Planning Study unique, and especially valuable, are the detailed inputs upon which it is based:
  • a comprehensive soil analysis
  • a detailed review of current and/or projected usage
  • an audit of maintenance capabilities and practices
  • local climate data
  • an analysis of the type of turf proposed for the field

These inputs allow us to tailor our findings and recommendations to each specific site and situation. Our objective is to help our clients select not only an affordable option, but one that will stand the test of time and meet the demands of their environment and projected usage.

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