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Impact Testing Services from Sports Turf Solutions:

On-site g-max testing of synthetic turf surfaces and natural turf athletic fields

Unbiased test results from an independent, objective testing service

Strict adherence to ASTM Standards:State-Of-The-Art Test Equipment
  • F355-A
  • F1936
  • F1702

State of the art equipment and software

Services include:
  • Pre-acceptance testing
    • Insist on an independent test
  • Annual testing programs
    • Fields change over time. Be sure your fields continue to comply with basic safety standards.
  • Risk assessment testing
    • Don’t let a serious injury be the first indication that your fields are unsafe.
  • Post-accident testing
    • If injuries occur, we can help determine if the field was at fault.
  • Customized testing
    • We can devise special test protocols to meet unique requirements.

Complete documentation of test results
  • Comprehensive reports include test data, charts and analysis
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