Athletic Field Design Services

Sports Turf Solutions, in cooperation with PRZ International Sports Turf Consulting, offers comprehensive Design Services for natural-turf athletic fields - both new construction and major renovation projects. Our designs are especially suited for situations where high levels of utilization are expected and there is a need for sustainable, high-wear fields.

Our design recommendations are unique for every field, as dictated by the interaction of five key variables: turf, climate, soil, wear, and maintenance. The major inputs to the design process are:
  • a comprehensive soil analysis
  • a detailed review of current and/or projected usage
  • an audit of maintenance capabilities and practices
  • local climate data
  • an analysis of appropriate turf options
From these inputs we generate a detailed design, complete with bid-ready specifications covering soil preparation and turf establishment. Our specifications are designed to be incorporated directly into the overall set of plans for large scale projects; or to stand alone, if the scope of the project is relatively small.

The primary focus of our design effort is the root zone - typically the upper 10 inches of soil. We specify how to create a sandy-loam root zone from the soil that is native to the site - specifically, what amendments to add, and how to blend the amendments into the soil. Our objectives are a cost-effective design, a root zone with the proper balance of physical and chemical properties, and a field with a healthy stand of turf, good drainage, and the ability to tolerate expected levels of wear.

High Speed Blending Insures Uniform Mix of Soil and Amendments

High Speed Blender Mixes Soil and Amendments

Our Design Service includes on-site inspections of key steps in the construction or renovation process, inspection and approval of materials, plus a maintenance manual and 52-week maintenance program. In addition, you have our assurance that we are committed to helping you beyond the construction and establishment phases of the project. Our measure of success is your ability to use the field to its maximum potential.

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