Athletic Field Consulting Services

Sports Turf Solutions offers a unique approach to the evaluation, management, maintenance scheduling, and design of sustainable, high-wear, natural turf athletic fields. Our services are based on the pioneering work of Larry Musser, and are provided in association with his company - PRZ International Sports Turf Consulting. Our approach is guided by our fundamental philosophy:

-  Every field is unique  -

The uniqueness of individual fields stems from the interaction of five variables: turf, climate, soil, wear, and maintenance.

Consulting Model

Based on more than 30 years of experience in soil and water analysis, and over a dozen years devoted to evaluating and designing athletic fields, Larry has developed a sophisticated computer model that simulates the interaction of these variables, assesses their cumulative impact, and recommends ways to manage the design, maintenance and programming of the field to achieve maximum utilization.

Each of our services utilizes the PRZ Model to generate unique, site specific findings and recommendations. As a result, we deliver Assessments, Maintenance Programs, Management Tools, Planning Studies and Designs for sustainable, high-wear, natural-turf athletic fields – fields that can meet the demands of today’s heavy usage and year-around scheduling.

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