Athletic Field Assessments

Sports Turf Solutions, in cooperation with PRZ International Sports Turf Consulting, offers comprehensive Assessments of natural-turf athletic fields. Our Assessments are especially appropriate for existing fields that are showing signs of excessive wear due to over-utilization. In addition, our assessment model is appropriate for new fields, if high levels of utilization are expected.

Our objective is to help you create a sustainable balance between usage and maintenance - especially in environments that are characterized as "high-wear."

Each Assessment focuses on the interaction of five key variables: turf, climate, soil, wear, and maintenance. The major inputs to the Assessment are:
  • a comprehensive soil analysis
  • a detailed review of current and/or projected usage
  • an audit of maintenance capabilities and practices
  • local climate data
  • an analysis of the type(s) of turf on the field
From these inputs we generate a detailed set of findings and recommendations. Our report addresses any problems we identify, and includes a 52-week maintenance plan. The plan lists suggested maintenance procedures for each week, and recommends equipment and products that will do the job most effectively and efficiently. The plan is unique in that it is:
  • customized to the site
  • geared to weekly levels of activity
Our Assessment also includes program management data that helps you control the balance between the amount of play on the field, and the amount of maintenance required to sustain it. Both wear and maintenance are classified in a series of corresponding levels:
  • wear levels are based on "activity-weighted" hours of use
  • maintenance levels are based on the frequency of specific maintenance tasks
The program management information included in our Assessment is helpful in several ways - especially if your fields are, or could be, a source of revenue, and you need a way to evaluate requests for field time and assign charges to specific users:
  • Given a fixed level of maintenance, you can determine how many hours of use the field will tolerate
  • Once you know the amount of use the field will tolerate, you can determine if the field is over-scheduled or under-scheduled
  • If the field is over-scheduled, you can determine the number of program hours that need to be cut or moved to other facilities
  • If the field is under-scheduled, you can determine how many additional hours can be supported without incurring additional maintenance obligations
  • If additional usage dictates additional maintenance, you can determine exactly what maintenance is required and what it will cost
As with all of our consulting services, results and recommendations are unique to your field(s) and your situation. As a result, we deliver Assessments, maintenance programs, and program management tools that help you achieve sustainable, high-wear, natural-turf athletic fields – fields that can meet the demands of today’s heavy usage and year-around scheduling.

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